First Floor Gallery

2017 BONAVISTA BIENNALE - Iris Haussler, Marlene Creates, Sara Angelucci, Gayle Young, Scott Walden, Reinhard Reitzenstein, Pam Hall. drawings, installation, sound installation, stick n' peel photographs, site-specific installation, Knowledge exchange 

2016 ARCHITEC TONIC -  architecturally oriented artworks and utopian structures designed to restore well-being and invigorate the soul. Susan Campbell, Stan Dragland, Mike Gough, Mike Paterson, Margaret Ryall, Stephen Zeifman

2015 NATURE FACTORY – contemporary drawings, sculptures, and photographs that work to reveal nature through artificiality, truth, and humour. Sara Angelucci, David Diviney, Thaddeus Holownia, Deb Wickwire, Susan Wood.

2014 Flotsam Exhibition Heather Nicol, Reinhard Reitzenstein, Sally Thurlow

2014 Bruno Billio Window Istallation

2013 The Process of Pictures Ned Pratt

2012 Inaugural Exhibition featuring 11 contemporary artists of the Bonavista peninsula area