Braden Labonte & Angela Shackel

August 17 – September 17

Duntara Hall

2 ROOMS is pleased to present a new sculptural-audio installation entitled Narrative Structure by the Toronto based art collective CCC. The structure will be whispering at Site 3 for the duration of Bonavista Biennale 2017. 

NARRATIVE STRUCTURE is a small skeletal fishing hut with brass trumpet-like tubes protruding from its core. Installed outside the Duntara Hall, it invites the viewer to lean in and hear a story, or more accurately, five stories from five trumpet speakers.  Toronto based art collective CCC (Braden Labonte and Angela Shackel) commissioned five writers to each create a different fiction (romance, horror, sci-fi, etc.) using common characters and a common location. The recorded stories are played simultaneously through the five trumpets attached to the sculpture/ hut. As viewers approach the whispering structure, they hear the story of Rowan and Quinn in a fishing hut as told by five different authors in five different genres. Standing by the sculpture/ hut the listener hears one story at a time which slowly begins to morph and evolve as they navigate around the structure. One narrative rolls into another creating a new and different story for each listener.

Commissioned Writers: Howard Akler, Edwina Attlee, Tony Burgess, Miranda Hill

Narrative Structure is on view August 17 to September 17, 2017



ARCHITECT TONIC -  architecturally oriented artworks and utopian structures designed to restore well-being and invigorate the soul. Susan Campbell, Stan Dragland, Mike Gough, Mike Paterson, Margaret Ryall, Stephen Zeifman

Curated by Catherine Beaudette July 9 – August 28, 2016

SUSAN CAMPBELL investigates signs and patterns of urban intensification as played out on development sites, parking lots and public sidewalks. Her work explores physical mapping practices as a means to interpret and reflect on the design dynamics found within the urban landscape, confronting issues caused by the intensification of development. Using codes such as floor plans and clearance zones Campbell re-organizes space into performative zones.

Susan Campbell is an Oshawa-based interdisciplinary artist working at the intersections of lens-based media, installation and intervention, and design. She obtained an MFA in Art, Media and Design from OCADU after extensive studies in design and digital media in her native Ireland.


STAN DRAGLAND "I scrounge obscure or discarded materials to make things. I prefer the term bricoleur (a French term for handyman) to artist, though I don’t mind being called a shed artist and wouldn’t be in this show if I hadn’t spruced up a shed. Making do with available stuff works for me as a fashioner in words and things, wordwork being my primary occupation and avocation. My most recent book is Strangers & Others: Newfoundland Essays."

Stan is Professor Emeritus, University of Western Ontario, founder of Brick magazine and Brick Books, still active with the latter. Those interested in his wall may also be interested in his book, The Bricoleur and His Sentences.


MIKE GOUGH "My paintings explore memories of growing up on the west coast of Newfoundland. They describe places and experiences from childhood triggered through the painting process itself- the path to school, ice fishing with my father, the view from the back patio. This work stems from a growing fear of memory loss due to Alzheimer’s in my family, and acts as a record of my life. The paintings themselves exercise my memory, they are recollections that remind me of home and help to guide me.”

Mike Gough, BFA, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College 2007; BA, Memorial University 2009, MFA, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design UK has exhibited nationally and internationally. His work is included in The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, Humber College, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College and numerous corporate collections. Gough won the EVA People’s Choice Award 2015. He is represented by Christina Parker Gallery in St. John's NL where he currently lives.



MIKE PATERSON Drawn to the honest style of local furniture and buildings, Mike Paterson has studied and engaged in furniture making, architectural millwork and the restoration of Newfoundland vernacular structures.  Mike enjoys the peace and creative space of his workshop. “I make things out of wood to pay the bills so I can make more things out of wood.“

Mike Paterson lives with his family in Upper Amherst Cove, the location of Paterson Woodworking Ltd. and Bonavista Social Club. As well as being a woodworker, Mike is an avid gardener and apiarist. 






MARGARET RYALL explores the precarious beauty of ordinary things. Her subject matter consistently links nature, culture and the effects of the passage of time. Her recent work moves from 2 dimensional representation of discarded artifacts and debris from old buildings to low relief constructions using found materials gathered on the Bonavista Peninsula. Compositions in Time continue a tradition of building using simple materials prevalent in outport Newfoundland construction, adding contemporary interpretationsofwhat is left behind.  

Margaret Ryall shares her time between St. John's and Duntara NL. Since the early 2000’s she has participated in over 50 solo and group exhibitions.  An ardent advocate for visual artists, she has served on the Boards of Visual Artists NL and CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation /Le Front des Artistes Canadiens). 



STEPHEN ZEIFMAN has been looking at the landscape and architecture of rural Newfoundland, considering how its simplified forms reflect the manner in which people live and the essential nature of their values and concerns. Taken by the force and beauty of the terrain and how people adapt to and impose themselves on the landscape, Zeifman has painted the architecture with a reductive representational process to reflect what he sees. Cezanne reduced the Aix-en-Provence landscape to essential elements and forms as the true beginning of Modernism. Zeifman believes rural Newfoundland to be a living embodiment of this modernist argument.

Zeifman is a visual artist and author originally from Toronto who now makes Port Rexton NL his permanent home. He is founder/director of Mill Road Studio where he conducts drawing and painting workshops. Zeifman has exhibited since 1979. His recent work of non-fiction THE WAY OF ART is published by Exile Editions. 


Off Site Project Curated by Catherine Beaudette: