2 Rooms will be hosting the Canada 150 project: Bonavista Biennale 2017 Art Encounters on the Edge, Arts et Conjonctures

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Participating Artists - Bonavista Biennale 2017 

Sara Angelucci Omar Badrin Jon Bath Catherine Blackburn Marlene Creates Barbara Daniell Michael Flaherty Will Gill Doug Guildford Pam Hall John Hartman Iris Häussler Dil Hildebrand Matthew Hollett Frank Lapointe Elizabeth Mcintosh Steve Payne Barry Pottle Ned Pratt Reinhard Reitzenstein Kelly Richardson Laura St.Pierre Michael Snow Peter Von Tiesenhausen Scott Walden Gayle Young

2 Rooms Artist Residency is an opportunity for professional visual artists and writers to pursue their creative work in the rich natural and cultural environment of east coast Newfoundland.

The Artist Residency provides studio space and living accommodation for 2 artists or writers at the same time. Artists and writers connect with the local community simply by living in Duntara, and with the larger art community in the surrounding area through events, studio visits and recreation.  2 Rooms Artist Residency is a space for multi-layered cultural exchange between artists, craftsmen, writers, and fishermen.

2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects is a registered non-profit corporation operating in Newfoundland and Labrador. 2 Rooms gratefully acknowledges the generosity of all donors to our 2014 Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign

2018 APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, November 13, 2017

Please submit applications via email and include the following:

Visual Artists

- 5 images of recent work titled with initials, title, medium, year (XY_title_acrylic2014)

- Curriculum vitae / website

- statement of intent /proposal (200 words maximum)

- availability from June to September    


- Writing CV (publishing history, awards, prizes, residencies, etc)

- brief sample or excerpt of written work (500 words max)

- statement of intent / proposal (200 words maximum)

- availability from June to September


The residency accommodation includes living and workspace for each artist. Travel and living expenses are the responsibility of the artist. A $300 utility fee payable upon acceptance is used to defray operating costs such as housekeeping, utilities and maintenance.

2017 Residents

July 1 – July 20, 2017

Joel Clifton is Toronto-based documentary and editorial photographer. His practice combines a passion for travel and adventure with a curiosity for the natural world and the ways in which different people experience it. Clifton is currently working on an ongoing series of self-directed, micro-documentary projects, which explore Canada’s economic and environmental relationships with water





July 9 – July 27, 2017

Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Brianne Service spent half a decade in Italy where she refined her skills in hyperreal oil painting. Currently enrolled in an MFA at OCAD University, her practice explores the relationship between architecture and nature, using narrative in symbolism to allude to ideas of the Sublime that for Service, can be found in buildings as frequently as in the natural world. This relationship will be further explored through a series of forthcoming paintings to be researched and developed while at 2 Rooms.






July 27 – August 9, 2017

Braden Labonte is a Canadian artist from Vancouver whose work has been exhibited throughout Canada and abroad. As the creative director of Cultural Capital Consortium (CCC) -- an art collective that works to fund and promote research and independent art projects, Labonte and collaborator Angela Shackel have created interactive installation works for the public on an international scale.  Their newest project will see audio recordings of 5 original short stories broadcasted from a small fishing hut, created in collaboration with local writers and sound artists.






Past Residents


Colette Laliberté

katie o’brien

Reinhard Reitzenstein

Gayle Young

Susan Campbell

Mike Gough

Paddy Lamb

Annette Mangaard

Jennifer Norman

Erin Treacy 

Vanessa Jackson 

Katrina Tompkins

Sylvia Galbraith

Antonia McGuane

Carol Bajen-Gahm












Omar Badrin

Bruno Billio

David Poolman

Sara Tilley

Audrey Hurd