2 Rooms Artist Residency is an opportunity for professional visual artists and writers to pursue their creative work in the rich natural and cultural environment of east coast Newfoundland.

The Artist Residency provides studio space and living accommodation for 2 artists or writers at the same time. Artists and writers connect with the local community simply by living in Duntara, and with the larger art community in the surrounding area through events, studio visits and recreation.  2 Rooms Artist Residency is a space for multi-layered cultural exchange between artists, craftsmen, writers, and fishermen.

2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects is a registered non-profit corporation operating in Newfoundland and Labrador. 2 Rooms gratefully acknowledges the generosity of all donors to our 2014 Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign

2020 Artist Residency

2 Rooms Artist Residency is going on sabbatical for 2020. If you are interested in doing a residency on the Bonavista Peninsula - Union House Arts in Port Union would be an excellent alternative.
Please visit unionhousearts.ca  

2019 Residents

July 1 – 18, 2019


Geraldine Gillingham recently moved back to Newfoundland after 20 years away. Her paintings are inspired by the landscape and her memories of growing up in rural Newfoundland. Blending organic shapes with vibrant colours she intuitively responds to her surroundings. Her richly textured paintings combine bold mark making with layers of transparent glazes.

July 1 – 18, 2019


Sylvie Cloudier is a Quebec based artist who tries to interest people in very small objects tucked into public spaces. The subtlety of her installation process adds to the unusual effect of discovering the miniature. Her gesture, like the action of sowing, holds the possibility of growth. Miniatures found in unexpected places become the artist’s hidden poetic passages, offerings to passers-by.

August 1- 16


Camille Turner is an explorer of race, space, home and belonging. A participant in Bonavists Biennale 2019, she will be developing The Afronautic Research Lab; a futuristic reading room that contains evidence of slavery and its ongoing legacies in Canada. Turner has lectured at U of T, TSA and Algoma University. She is currently a PhD candidate at York University’s Masters in Environmental Studies Program. She received the Acker Award in 2018and the Chalmers Arts Fellowship OAC in 2013.



Jessica Straus

Hannah Verlin

Johanna Householder

Chris Dorosz

Richard Storms

Jerry Ropson

Barbara Rauch

Georg Mühleck

Emily Pittman and Natalie Field

Alexandra Majerus


Joel Clifton

Brianne Service

Branden Labonte

Angela Shackel


Colette Laliberté

katie o’brien

Reinhard Reitzenstein

Gayle Young

Susan Campbell

Mike Gough

Paddy Lamb

Annette Mangaard

Jennifer Norman

Erin Treacy 

Vanessa Jackson 

Katrina Tompkins

Sylvia Galbraith

Antonia McGuane

Carol Bajen-Gahm



Scott Walden

Claire Brunet

David Diviney

Melinda Spooner

Karen Vaughan

Diane Pugen

Sylvia Galbraith



Omar Badrin

Bruno Billio

David Poolman

Sara Tilley

Audrey Hurd