The artifacts in 2 Rooms Museum have been collected over a number of years from a variety of places on the Bonavista peninsula. Sites include: resettled communities, abandoned houses and stores, old dump sites and  walking trails.  The catalogue number indicates the community (capital letters) and the specific structure or location (small case letters).


KCbs: Kings Cove Bride Sullivan.  KCbs01-KCbs187

UAC: Upper Amherst Cove.  UAC01-UAC05

TC: Tickle Cove.  TC01-TC08

Dlsd: Duntara longshore dump.  Dlsd01-Dlsd06

KCbp: Kings Cove Batterton path.  KCbp01-KCbp10

Dhd: Duntara Harty dump.  Dhd01

BH: British Harbour.  BH01-BH06

TE:  TE01-TE03

Brooklyn:  B01-B04

DC:  DC01-DC02

Kerle’s Harbour:  KH01-KH 04

S: Summerville.  S01-S08

Dhh: Duntara Harty house. Dhh01-Dhh19-Dhh30

RC: Redcliff.  RC01- RC33

KHfh: Kings Cove fh. KCfh01-KCfh05

OH: Open Hall: OH01-OH04-OH24

H: from Hale.  H01-H29

RCs: Red Cliff Store.  RCs01-RCs08

Kd: Keels dump.  Kd01-Kd11

RI: Random Island.  RI01-RI04

WB: WinterBrook. WB01-

Ss: Summerville Steve.  Ss01-Ss10

KCup: Kings Cove upper house.  KCup01-KCup05

K: Keels.  K01-K14

Kts: Keels Turkey shore.  Kts01-Kts10